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  R E V I E W S

You are such a talented and gifted young lady! Your performances never fall short of perfection. I could listen to them all day. Can’t wait till I get to hear you play again. It always puts my soul at ease. 

Thank you, Emma!

Vie Serifovski, Attorney at Law


Emma, your work is really beautiful. You have the ability to really put your energy and passion into your music which makes it a joy to listen to. Thank you for sharing this gift with us and I am very excited that you are becoming even more of an active part of the harp playing community! Congratulations on your success. I know you won’t let anyone down who hires you. Truly very talented.

Jennifer Ferris, CEO


You are absolutely correct that the harp brings soothing to the soul and your playing definitely does that for me! I’m continually overwhelmed with your gift and am so grateful to be able to listen to you on your site now and in person at your next concert.

Jennette Perez, Lead Architect Consultant


Your music is as beautiful as you are. God bless you and may we all continue to hear your heart in your music. 

Lou Ferris, CEO Financial Corp. 




  E V E N T S​


Grace Presbyterian Church

Douglasville, GA

10:15am, 5:45pm


January, 2020 Emma was one of the winners of the Ruth Kern Concerto Competition in Atlanta.  She will be playing with the Atlanta Community Symphony Orchestra this year.

In July 2019, Emma played at Carnegie Hall in NYC.  She won first place in the International Maestro's String Competition.  

In December of 2018 and 2019, Emma had the honor of playing for GA Governor Nathan Deal and our new Governor Brian Kemp  at the Governor's Mansion during Christmas.